2021: Strong and weak moments that shaped the entertainment scenes

For many celebrities inside and outside Nigeria, 2021 would be a year they all had high hopes for. The reason for their expectations may not be far to seek. The year before, 2020, was devastating due to the COVID -19 outbreak that shattered their dreams and left many of them, including their foreign counterparts, struggling to pick up the pieces of their lives.

R’s findings revealed that the entertainment industry was hit the hardest in the world, as the industry was marked by canceled shows, empty theaters, and venues permanently closed for concerts and concerts for over a year. , fearing it will be extended after warnings emerged that the virus that literally brought the world to its knees and imposed a new order on its people may have come for a long time.

As soon as vaccines capable of mitigating the effects of the virus were discovered and the lockdown lifted, Nigerian celebrities whose main source of livelihood had been threatened began to breathe a sigh of relief as 2021 dawned with prayers raised. to heaven for a better year. After hitting rock bottom the industry rebounded and it looked like nothing had been lost due to the pandemic.

Burna Boy Grammy Winner:

One of the biggest news of the year was the success of Burna Boy’s Grammy Awards. The self-proclaimed African giant returned home with the world’s best music album at the 2021 Grammy Awards with his album Twice As Tall, as he marked his first career Grammy after losing to Angélique Kidjo the year before. Both are the first winners of the recently renamed category, formerly known as Best World Music Album. Global recognition gave Burna Boy’s career an instant boost as the news of his victory caught fans talking on social media platforms for months. He beat Brooklyn-based American afrobeat group Antibalas; a group of Tuareg musicians, Tinariwen; Anglo-Indian composer Anoushka Shankar and American-Brazilian singer Bebel Gilberto.

Sold-out concert for the Grammys and 02 Academy of Wizkid

Afrobeats music star, Wizkid has always created a world of his own and knows how to live there peacefully while letting his success do the talking. Born Ayo Balogun, like Burna Boy, Wizkid also won the Grammy for his collaboration with Beyoncé and Blue Ivy on the song “Brown Skin Girl”. It was a big moment for the music star whose popular album, Made in Lagos, was also nominated for Best World Music Album at the 64th Grammy Award. One of the singer of the year’s notable achievements is Wizkid’s 2022 Grammy nomination. Another feat currently celebrated by Wizkid fans was his sold-out Made In Lagos concert held at the 02 Arena in London.

Mourning for Davido and donation of 250 million naira to orphans:

Music star David Adeleke, also known as Davido, may have had a rough year after losing two of his team – Obama 44 to heart failure and his personal photographer Fortune. who drowned in a Lagos swimming pool while filming. . But he seems to end the year happy, following his philanthropic gesture which saw him donate a sum of 250 million naira to orphanages across the country. The singer captured the hearts of many Nigerians and received praise from personalities around the world for donating the sum of 250 million naira raised before his birthday. The singer had jokingly asked his friends to donate one million naira each to celebrate his birthday, but many people were surprised that the singer had raised more than 100 million naira in less than 24 hours with friends. and fans donating up to 200 million naira. Davido would later shock the world by announcing that he would add 50 million Naira from his personal account to the 200 million Naira collected that would be donated to orphanages across the country. His fans praised him for his philanthropic act and urged his colleagues to take inspiration from him.

The return of Psquare:

Five years after their infamous split, popular singing duo Peter and Paul Okoye, popularly known as Psquare have buried their differences and announced a comeback to the amazement of their fans. While their battle lasted, they both pursued solo careers, neither of which could recreate the passion and momentum created when they were together. With prominent Nigerians making several appeals to them, they never budged as they continued to push their songs individually. But days before their birthdays, news reached town that the late Psquare brothers were following each other on social media platforms, fueling news of a possible reunion. They both kissed at a private birthday party hosted by their friends and colleagues, including their older brother, Jude Okoye. They will welcome their fans with a comeback concert before the end of the year.

The saga of the alleged rapes of Baba Ijesha:

If there has been one event that has pitted actors and actresses in the film industry against each other this year, it should be the alleged rape scandal involving comedic actor Olanrewaju James, also known as the name of Baba Ijesha. The actor allegedly raped a minor related to the popular actress Princess. The princess accused Baba Ijesha of sexually assaulting the victim, 14, when she was seven. While the case is still pending in court, the dust raised following the simmering emotions of the various parties involved in the case has yet to be settled to date. He’s also pitted friends of the entertainment industry against each other with accusations and counter-charges praising the air.

2face Idibia and Annie survived the marriage breakdown:

Annie Idibia and her super-star husband Innocent Idibia, otherwise known as 2baba, have left many of their fans a nightmare following the rumor that their well-decorated wedding was heading for the rocks after nine years. Annie had accused her husband of infidelity after taking to social media to call 2baba for sleeping with one of her babymamas, Pero, during one of his tours of the United States. She also accused her husband’s siblings and friends of contributing to the problems shaking their union. The issue dominated public discourse on social media platforms for weeks, with many insinuating the marriage was over, but 2baba’s public statement warning his wife and others involved to refrain from dragging his name around. the mud seemed to have calmed the situation. They were both reunited and would have broken the deadlock.

The Tiwa Savage sex tape scandal

Singer Tiwa Savage was another celebrity whose name made headlines for the wrong reasons in 2021. The mother of one of them was involved in a sex tape leak involving her and her current lover. She alleged that someone was trying to blackmail her into a sex video during a radio interview in the United States. She claimed the video was accidentally posted to Snapchat by her lover who deleted it after realizing her mistake, but it had already been uploaded by a stalker who was determined to blackmail her with it. The video was eventually posted online and aired for several days with Tiwa’s coworkers by her side, but her fans didn’t want it as they dragged her name around for weeks wondering what had happened. her lover to make a video of them while making out. While she reportedly lost sponsorship deals as a result of the sex video that ended up on social media. However, she denied losing a deal as she stressed that “it is not a crime to engage in what adults are doing.”

Death of Baba Suwe:

The veteran comic actor died on November 22 after a prolonged illness that kept him bedridden for months. His health began to deteriorate after his ordeal at the hands of the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) after being accused of drug trafficking. The actor was detained by law enforcement for weeks before being released. He was reportedly recovering and made several appearances at filming locations a few years ago before his health slumped and he was forced to stay indoors. His death came as a shock to many of his colleagues who mourned his passing and described him as the king of comedy who paved the way for today’s crop of comedians.

Sultan of sound:

After a long battle with cancer, Olanrewaju Fasasi, also known as the Sound Sultan, succumbed to death on July 11 in the United States, where he was also buried. According to information gathered, Sound Sultan died after “an uphill battle with angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma,” a rare form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which is a group of related malignant tumors (cancers) that affect the lymphatic system ( lymphomas), according to rarediseases.org from NORD. His death, it was learned, came about two months after media reported the singer was undergoing chemotherapy at a hospital in the United States of America.

His friends in the musical circle, 2face, Basketmouth, among others, have vowed to stand alongside the family of the deceased, including his wife and children.

Rachel Oniga:

Veteran actress Rachel Oniga also lost her life in 2021 as her colleagues who were with her a few days before her death mourned her death. She reportedly had malaria and typhoid and was undergoing treatment before being pronounced dead a few days later. Kunle Afolayan, who directed one of her last films, said no one knew it would be her last moment with them when they were filming together. He described her as a professional actress who was committed to her profession and made directors happy.

Stanley okoro

This was shocking news since Stanley Okoro, a Nigerian actor passed away on August 11. He was known for his comedies in the Nigerian film industry.

The content creator is believed to have died of suspected food poisoning after filming at a hotel in Maryland, Enugu state, sources said.

However, the reason for his death is still unknown. Stanley Okoro died at the age of 28.

Victor Olaotan

Passing around his sad story, the famous actor known in the television series Tinsel, Victor Olaotan shocked us by announcing his death on August 26.

He has been reportedly ill for five years following a brain injury he sustained in a car accident in October 2016 at Apple Junction, Festac, Lagos.

Sir Victor Uwaifo

The legendary singer, guitarist, musician and composer passed away on August 28, 2021.

Sir Uwaifo, professor of art at the University of Benin, widely known for his highlife musical genre, won the first gold record in Africa (Joromi), released in 1965.

He also won seven other gold records in Guitar boy, Akwete music and Arabada.

At first, reports went viral claiming that he had died from COVID -19, but the family debunked the news, saying he died of pneumonia. He died at the age of 80.

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