A car in a company, or the advantages of leasing for companies

Leasing is an alternative to credit, which allows the company to settle taxes more effectively. Thanks to leasing, the company’s creditworthiness is not as burdened as in the case of a loan. And its receipt is relatively easy.


Leases for companies – cheaper or more expensive?

Leases for companies - cheaper or more expensive?

Leasing – contrary to popular opinion – does not have to be a more expensive financial instrument than traditional credit. Many leasing companies can offer even more favorable conditions than in the case of banks, what is more it is possible to negotiate them.

It is hard to hide that many companies decide to lease because of considerable tax benefits. Their amount depends on the type of financing we choose, as well as the age and type of fixed asset. The most favorable in this case are passenger and delivery car leases, especially new ones. Operational leasing has the largest tax shield.


Easy to receive

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Leasing is much easier to obtain, because in the case of companies, fixed assets are tools such as cars, vans, construction machinery and other devices, the sale of which is not a problem on the market.

Leases for companies are also more advantageous in terms of creditworthiness. They do not burden her as much as credit does. If the borrower already has machines, cars and other tools, he may have a problem obtaining a mortgage or other type of loan. In the case of leasing, creditworthiness is not reduced as much.


Leases for passenger cars and vans better than a loan?

Leases for passenger cars and vans better than a loan?

Leasing for companies is a beneficial financial instrument for future car buyers due to the convenience of their operation. Many lessors take responsibility for the purchase, maintenance, insurance and repair of damages in the case of cars and equipment. In addition, the lessee has at his disposal numerous additional options that can contribute to improving the company’s operating efficiency – e.g. in the form of installing systems to improve fleet management.


Financial flexibility

Financial flexibility

There is more flexibility in the case of leasing than in the case of credit. Lease fees can be tailored to the needs and capabilities of the lessee, as well as the seasonality of its activities. Thanks to leasing, the costs of financing investments may be lower for the lessee than if they had taken out a loan. Financing costs with many lessors may be charged from the date they are actually spent.