All vehicles and locations revealed (2x bonus)

On Thursday, GTA Online released its weekly update as always, and it was heavily focused on the Tuners DLC. Players can get three times the Car Meet rep for activities and also pick up the RT3000 at Casino Podium.

Double-reward missions include Tuner Contracts and Exotic Exports. This article will serve as a guide for GTA Online players who want to earn as much money as possible from the elusive cars on the exotic list.

What is the list of exotic exports in GTA Online?

Burn rubber and earn bonus Tuners all week in GTA Online. Including Double Rewards on Flight Contract Finals and Exotic Exports, 3X GTA$ for completing Auto Shop Customer Jobs, Triple Reputation Points on all Auto Encounter activities, and more:

The first requirement that all GTA Online players must complete is to purchase an Auto Shop. Once purchased, GTA Online players should complete the first contract for Sessanta and Kenny. This will unlock the Exotic Exports list which is on the top floor of the Auto Shop.

The list includes ten exotic cars for GTA Online players to pick up and deliver to a container in the terminal. Each delivery rewards players with $20,000 and 1,000 RP and an additional $100,000 is rewarded if the list is complete. However, this week everything will be doubled.

The list is refreshed every 24 hours (in real time) and is generally the same for all players in a GTA Online lobby. So if another GTA Online player is spotted trying to deliver an exotic car, players can steal it and deliver it themselves.

GTA Online players can rest easy as cars spawn in all lobbies, not just public ones. Doing it in private lobbies or by invitation only is safer because there will be no heartaches or trials. Cars can also be delivered in any state as long as they are operational, and if destroyed, a new spawn will occur after some time.

Some additional tips include keeping the “Air Cargo” option set to “Show” via the interaction menu so that the blue dots appear on the minimap. GTA Online players should also only steal vehicles marked with blue dots to avoid disruption to activity. Switching to passive mode will cause the blue and red dots to disappear from the minimap.

All Locations for Exotic Vehicles in GTA Online

  • LSIA: On the second level of the building 2 multi-level car park, northwest of the main terminal.
  • LSIA: On the first level of the building 1 multi-level car park, northeast of the main terminal.
  • LSIA: At the northeast corner of the long-term parking lot, under a Die Already 4 billboard.
  • Cypress Flats: Parked by the roadside of South Shambles Street
  • The Mesa: Parked in the parking lot at 472 Orchardville Avenue.
  • Vespucci Beach: South of the tennis courts.
  • Vespucci channels: Parked in an alley on the corner of Prosperity Street and Imagination Court.
  • Vespucci: In the Venetian car park.
  • Perro Beach: At the north end of the parking lot on Del Perro Pier.
  • The door : In the south parking lot of Maze Bank Arena.
  • The door : In the rear parking lot of the Vista Del Mar apartments facing the marina.
  • The door : In the parking lot of Viceroy Hotels & Resorts.
  • The door : In the parking lot of Puerto Del Sol Marina on Tackle Street.
  • The door : In the parking lot of S. Ho Korean Noodle House.
  • Davis: In an alley on the south side of Grove Street.
  • Davis: In the Davis Mega Mall parking lot.
  • Davis: Lucky Plucker parking lot, Strawberry Ave.
  • Hill pill box: Alta Street outside the Tinkle Building, 4 Integrity Way.
  • Vinewood Hills: 1104 Ace Jones Drive/Mad Wayne Thunder Drive, across from Peter Dreyfuss’ house.
  • Del Perro: Marathon Avenue outside Bahama Mamas.
  • Eastern vineyard: In the south car park of the Diamond Casino & Resort.
  • Vinewood Hills: Cox Way near Milton Road.
  • Heights of El Burro: North of the Murrieta oil field
  • Hawick: Elgin Avenue north of Hawick Avenue outside the Tennis Club
  • GWC and Golf Society: Los Santos Golf Club parking lot.
  • Grape seed: LTD Service Station, Grapeseed Main Street.
  • San Chianski Mountain Range: Humane Labs and Research car park.
  • Pacific Cliffs: Ineseno Road, south of Chumash.
  • Vinewood Hills: North driveway of La Fuente Blanca.
  • Sandy coasts: Meringue Lane, in front of Liquor Ace.
  • Hawick: Occupation Avenue in the parking lot across from LS City Hall.
  • Pacific Cliffs: In the parking lot of Hill Valley Church Cemetery.
  • Paleto Bay: Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Office parking lot.
  • Burton: Rockford Plaza underground car park.
  • Harmony: East Motel parking lot, route 68.
  • Eastern Harmony: Route 68 store, in front of Los Santos customs.
  • Great Chaparral: Route 68 shops.
  • Ranch: Cent Carpet car park, boulevard Roy Lowenstein opposite the LSPD pound.
  • LittleSeoul: Betsy O’Neil Pavilion,
  • Tataviam Mountains: Tataviam Truckstop.
  • Hill pill box: South side of Legion Square on Vespucci Boulevard.
  • Eastern vineyard: Vinewood Racecourse car park.
  • Vinewood Hills: Vinewood Lake Estates.
  • Hill pill box: Parking under the FIB building.
  • Downtown: San Andreas Avenue in front of the car park entrance.
  • Pacific Cliffs: Pacific Bluffs Country Club.
  • Heights of Palomino: Headquarters of NOOSE.
  • Del Perro: Boulevard Del Perro/North Rockford Drive shopping center parking lot.
  • Harmony: Boulevard Del Perro/North Rockford Drive shopping center parking lot.
  • Heights of El Burro: El Burro Heights Fire Station.
  • Pacific Cliffs: Kortz Center car park, north
  • San Chianski Mountain Range: Palmer-Taylor plant, south parking lot.
  • Mirror Park: Car repair shop next to the Chico hypermarket.
  • Textile city: Dashound Bus Center Parking.
  • Ranch: Driveway on Jamestown Street at the corner of Carson Avenue.
  • Vinewood Hills: Vinewood Bowl car park.
  • Davis: BJ Smith Recreation Center.
  • A rich man: The parking lot of the Richman Hotel.
  • Hill pill box: Sanders Motorcycles, Adam’s Apple Boulevard.
  • San Chianski Mountain Range: Palmer-Taylor Generating Station, North Parking Lot.
  • Downtown Vinewood: Vinewood Boulevard near Blazing Tattoo.
  • Grape seed: Alamo Fruit Market.
  • Sandy coasts: Sandy’s gas station
  • Sandy coasts: Liquor store next to Trevor’s Trailer, Marina Drive.
  • Grand Senora Desert: Bolingbroke Penitentiary car park.
  • Tongva Hills: Marlowe Vineyards car park.
  • Little Seoul: Lucky Plucker car park.
  • Porcopio Beach: Procopio Truck Stop, Globe Oil service station forecourt.
  • Little Seoul: 24-hour parking behind 3 rue Alta, boulevard Vespucci.
  • Paleto Bay: Garage Beeker, service station forecourt.
  • Grand Senora Desert: Forclosed Farm, Senora Road opposite Redwood Lights Track.
  • Western vineyard: Eclipse Boulevard outside the No Name Chinese Restaurant across from Hardcore Comic Store.
  • Hill pill box: Las Lagunas Boulevard outside Arcadius Business Center.
  • North Chumash: Parking Hookies.
  • Vinewood Hills: Kimble Hill Walk.
  • Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness: Pala Springs Aerial Tram parking lot.
  • Rockford Hills: North parking lot of the Lifeinvader office, boulevard Del Perro.
  • Richman Hills: LTD Gas Station, North Rockford Drive/Banham Canyon Drive.
  • Hill pill box: Legion Square, north side, San Andreas Avenue.
  • Morningwood: Rockford Hills Von Crastenburg Hotel parking lot, upper level.
  • Paleto Bay: South Seas Apartments, Procopio Drive.
  • Richman Glen: Driveway, North Rockford Drive.
  • Chumas: Driveway, Barbareno Road.
  • Hawick: Vinewood Plaza parking lot.
  • City of Backlot: Parking lot of Richards Majestic Productions.
  • Pacific Cliffs: Center Kortz car park, to the south.
  • Sandy coasts: The House of the Boat.
  • Heights of Murietta: El Rancho Boulevard, roadside outside Rob’s Liquor.
  • Mirror Park: Driveway Place Nikola.
  • Zancudo Lake: RON gas station.
  • Western vineyard: Tequi-la-la parking lot, Milton Road.
  • Pacific Cliffs: Hotel Von Crastenburg.
  • Vinewood Hills: Sisyphus Theater.
  • Grand Senora Desert: Yellow Jack Hostel.
  • Richman Glen: Parsons Rehabilitation Centre, Marlowe Drive.
  • San Chianski Mountain Range: HJ Silos Galileo Park.
  • Downtown Vinewood: 24-hour parking in front of Globe Oil gas station, Clinton Avenue.
  • Downtown Vinewood: Von Crastenburg Hotel, Clinton Ave.
  • Vinewood Hills: Mad Wayne Thunder Drive.
  • Heights of El Burro: West section of Fudge Lane.

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