BookingJini partners with Uttarakhand Tourism to boost supply and demand booking

BookingJini will be deployed to disrupt the current practice of flat rates within state tourism and strengthen the culture of supply and demand in the sector

A hotel-focused SaaS platform, BookingJini is now the official partner of Uttarakhand Tourism, streamlining booking processes, property management and day-to-day operations for hotels and other accommodation providers. State tourism has been mainly subject to flat rates for decades, which requires a substantial change in the process. BookingJini’s entry into the scenario will shake up the status quo, introducing demand-based and supply-based pricing for services. The influx of this new practice will help hotels get the best payment for their services, increase the valuation of Uttarakhand’s hospitality sector and increase the state’s tourism revenue and recall.

BookingJini’s flagship central reservations software is a unique price recommendation and marketing engine. It is based on a supply-demand algorithm that suggests users the right pricing for their services based on the influx of tourists to help earn more monetary value. The solution’s AI-driven chatbots and CRM will further help hospitality businesses communicate seamlessly with their respective guests and travelers, thereby building engagement and trust. BookingJini has partnered with 120 properties in the state and will eventually deliver its solutions, in phases, over a one-year period, supporting all hotels under its service proposition.

Narendra S Bhandari, Managing Director of Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam, said, “BookingJini is an innovative solution with a strong service and support team that is intuitive and knowledgeable about the market and provides valuable advice. We are delighted to start this partnership and, as a first step, we will deploy BookingJini solutions with our premium hotels. After the first phase, we will eventually introduce other properties across Uttarakhand to BookingJini’s transparent solution”.

Sibasish Mishra, Founder and CEO of BookingJini, added, “Uttarakhand, due to its proximity to the Himalayas, its affiliation with Haridwar and other religious grounds is rapidly gaining popularity. The sudden surge in tourism calls for optimizing bookings while ensuring that the state’s tourism and hospitality industry benefits from this substantial growth. BookingJini’s AI-backed solution will help forecast the flow of tourists, understand the day-to-day scenario, and offer the right price to hotels so that they can optimize their services and efforts.

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