Brush fire at Blue Hills Reservation among 41 wildfires in Massachusetts last week – CBS Boston

MILTON (CBS) — Spring brings the onset of warmer weather, better moods, longer days and the near certainty of wildfires.

But last week, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation reported 41 wildfires in the state.

The most recent was a 16-acre wildfire Sunday afternoon at the Blue Hills Preserve in Milton.

A bushfire at Blue Hills Reservation. (Photo credit: Parker Harrington)

“While I was in Milton, trucks were flying everywhere,” said Milton resident Diane Agostino. “When I got out of the car the smoke was too heavy and I had to put on my N95.”

During the last week of April there were wildfires in Saugus, Rockport, Andover, Ipswich and more.

“Our humidity and fuels have become so dry in recent days that even a cigarette butt tossed out of a car window or an unattended campfire, whatever it is, whatever the ignition device , it doesn’t take much to get that ignition,” DCR Fire Chief Dave Celino said.

Celino said recent dry weather allowed the current dry forest bed to serve as fuel for the flames.

“It’s all available to burn and what adds to that is time,” Celino said.

He went on to point out that 98% of wildfires in Massachusetts are human-caused.

The other two percent naturally start with lightning.

Rain is expected during the first week of May, which is good news for firefighters across the state.

In the meantime, Celino asks people to stay vigilant.

“We ask that the public also have their heads on a pivot and have that extra awareness, particularly if they are using incendiary devices.”

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