Deny ByWard Market hotel request, city staff told councilors


City staff recommend that councilors reject a 17-story hotel project in the ByWard Market, arguing that the project would not align with planning and heritage policies for the Lower Town neighborhood.

Bayview Ottawa Holdings has proposed a Hampton Inn by Hilton hotel on the site of a surface parking lot at 116 York Street and is requesting a zoning by-law amendment to increase the height limits on the site to 60 meters, change the requirements for heritage recovery and reduce cargo space provisions.

In a report prepared for the first planning committee meeting of the year, staff wrote that the planned hotel does not have the angular height plan or setbacks necessary to properly transition between neighboring buildings and is ultimately incompatible with the region. In addition, the land area of ​​just over 1,000 square meters is well below the 1,800 square meters recommended for high-rise construction in Ottawa.

“Scale, mass and height do not correspond well to neighboring properties,” the report read.

Ten of the 11 comments staff received on the request were opposed to the accommodation proposal.

Members of the city’s planning committee will review the report on January 23.

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