ECO DEPOT project update on the Bronya Climate Shield app for Energir, an energy company with 520,000 customers in Quebec and the Northeastern United States

LA VEGAS, February 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Eco Depot, Inc. (OTC PINK: ECDP), a Nevada company, is pleased to report on Bronya Climate Shields applications in the heating and air conditioning sector. Bronya Canada Group researched and developed a sustainable and cost effective solution for the heating and air conditioning industry to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

Bronya Climate Shield has been testing and implementing its thermal liquid insulating paint with Energir Canada for a year. Energir provides thermal services to more than a third from Montreal downtown. It has operated the Montreal Thermal Power Plant since its creation in 1947.

The initial project with Energir.

The project began with the application of Bronya Climate Shield to steam lines and boilers operating between 150 C and 300 C or 302 F and 572 F without service shutdown, at Energir’s CCUM facility ( Montreal District Heating Corporation).

The four boilers have a total power of 145 MW, as well as five coolers (total power of 18.4 MW for cooling, 2 MW for auxiliary electrical energy). The networks supply more than 1.8 million m² in various infrastructures: office towers, shopping centres, hotels, a train station, a university campus and prestigious apartments in the heart of the city center of Montrealthe equivalent of a city of 30,000 inhabitants.

Energir continues to expand the Bronya Climate Shield app across its facilities.

Energir requested the continued application of Bronya Climate Shield to its water pipe network, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The company is currently lining 4.2 km or 2.6 miles of underground pipes.

The product has been applied to carbon black cold water pipes operating between 15 C and 20 C or 59 F and 68 F.

The company continues to work on this project with Energir and aims to create a cost comparison report to compare labor, material, time and energy savings.

This cost comparison would be made available to FLACMA member cities and municipalities to be applied in similar applications in Latin America and around the world. These cost comparisons will also be presented to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in hotel applications to achieve their hotel energy solutions goals presented by Bronya Climate Shield in Madrid, Spain. The website can be found at,

Energir develops renewable, liquefied and compressed natural gas, solar energy, wind power and hydroelectricity. Energir has the second largest network in Canada, owned 61% by Trencap and 38% by Enbridge. In Quebec, Energir produces electricity from wind energy and distributes renewable natural gas. In United StatesEnergir produces and distributes hydraulic electricity, windand solar springs and natural gas.

Eco Depot, Inc. acquires, manages and develops environmentally responsible real estate assets and consumer branded products. Their goal is to provide investment, financing and support for acquisitions, start-ups, entrepreneurs and green businesses dedicated to protecting the environment. Eco Depot is a development-stage distributor of environmentally friendly consumer branded products and is publicly traded over the counter at (OTC PINK: ECDP).

Bronya Coatings Group, Inc. (“the Company”) is based in Montreal and intends to market a range of Bronya Climate Shield multi-purpose liquid thermal insulation paint products in North America. The company’s mission is to establish third-party production facilities globally to reduce the costs associated with the business”.

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