How to get a car loan without certificates?

In the modern world it is difficult to imagine normal functioning without having a car – preferably efficient and trouble-free. Regardless of whether you are single, whether you are in a relationship, have children or not, a convenient means of transport, independent of the timetable of often late public transport, is no longer a luxury, but a mandatory item. Many Poles have chosen to live outside large cities and agglomerations, where functioning without a car is basically impossible. Collective transport does not reach everywhere, and even if it is so, it still leaves a lot to be desired – starting from the conditions of travel, through a small number of connections, and ending with delays in the timetable. The desire and need to have your own four wheels is not surprising. In addition, it is worth considering the ever-increasing mobility of Poles – we travel more and more willingly, and studies show that we spend more and more money on trips. Not only the holidays, but also during the winter holidays, or on the occasion of long weekends. Then the largest number of Poles use their own means of transport and decide to travel to Polish cities, to the coast, to the mountains – your own car is therefore necessary.

Loan for the purchase of a car without certificates – for whom, what are the requirements?

Loan for the purchase of a car without certificates - for whom, what are the requirements?

Buying your own car is often a big financial challenge. Rarely, especially at a young age or having a dependent family, they can afford a comfortable, safe and reliable vehicle. A cheap car loan seems to be the natural answer, however, given that more than half of Poles now repay loans, mainly housing loans, and 75% of the country’s residents have dealt with credit products – it is not always possible to take a new loan. In the past, financial problems suffice to make negative reports about us from credit and business information bureaus such as BIK, BIG and KRD. If our credit history makes getting extra money in a traditional bank impossible – you should consider alternative solutions: a car loan without BIK, BIG and KRD .

Car loan without BIK and KRD. Is it possible?

Car loan without BIK and KRD. Is it possible?

The solution to our situation may be a car loan without BIK offered by non-bank institutions. To obtain such a loan, it is enough to be at least 18 years old, have an ID card with a PESEL number and a bank account number for withdrawing funds. It will also be necessary to complete a short application in which we will be asked about the amount of our income (regardless of their source: it may be a contract of employment, but also a civil law contract – for a work or commission contract – contract, pension or retirement, proceeds from rent, lease , agricultural activity, alimony or scholarships, or any combination of all of the above) and the amount of our monthly obligations (expenses for rent, house / flat maintenance, utilities, food, etc.), and how many people are dependent on us. What is very important, all this information is declarative – that is, we ourselves declare that the level of earnings and expenses is one and not another; we do not have to confirm this with certificates from the employer, Social Insurance Institution, Tax Office or other institutions. It is important that the company granting us the loan will also not verify the information provided by us in BIK.

When is a car loan without BIK, and when is a car loan without BIG and KRD?

When is a car loan without BIK, and when is a car loan without BIG and KRD?

A car loan without BIK is an ideal solution for people who have had problems with paying their credit obligations in the past. If your bank has been conducting debt collection activities, it is likely that your report will not be positive. You may have received a letter in which the creditor informed you that he sends information about your arrears to BIK. Then taking an additional loan from a traditional bank will not be possible and the only solution will be a car loan without BIK . At the same time, remember that there are databases where there may be arrears in non-credit payments. You pay the installments on time, but you have arrears to institutions other than banks? Perhaps these are unpaid phone bills or rent from a housing association. If so, it is very possible that they are in the Economic Information Bureau (BIG) or the National Debt Register (KRD). Then a car loan without BIG and KRD will be helpful. When applying for it, you should check whether the institution that borrows money is going to verify information about you in these databases.

Car loan application without BIK, BIG and KRD

After completing the application for a car loan without certificates , it is analyzed – this process takes from a few to several minutes and in the case of parabanks in a large number of cases ends positively, i.e. the grant of the amount we request. The money is in our account within the next several minutes, it can also be withdrawn in cash at the headquarters of the loan company. A similar solution is a car loan via the Internet , allowing you to get the amount you are interested in without leaving home. The procedure looks basically the same, but you do all the formalities yourself by completing the online application.

Used car loan without certification

You may be wondering if a car loan without BIK is a product that you can apply for when buying only a new car. On the contrary, it is most often used by customers who want to buy a used car. It can be both a loan, which is characterized by the payment of funds for a specific purpose, in this case a car, and a loan, after which you can decide for yourself what to spend the money on. If a car loan without BIK is taken into account for a specific purpose – the financial institution will require entering joint ownership in the registration certificate and assignment on the insurance policy. However, this is only a part of the products, you can choose one in which you decide for yourself what you will spend money on and what car you will buy.

Car loan or cash loan?

When looking for financing to buy a car, do we often have to choose: car loan or cash loan? What is the difference between these two solutions and which one is more practical?

Well, a car loan from a cash loan differs in that the first one is intended for a specific purpose, from which the company lending us funds will want to settle us later – so it will be checked how we spent the money it made available. As a result, “in return” better credit terms are offered than for cash loans. It should also be added that many car dealers – both new and used cars – cooperate with car loan institutions, which significantly reduces the amount of formalities, saves time and brings us closer to the moment when we can hit the road in the car of our dreams. However, if you are considering a car loan without BIK, BIG and KRD, you must remember that you will probably have to cooperate with a loan company outside the dealership. This does not change the fact that the vast majority of car dealerships and dealerships decide to sell the car also with external financing. So if you decide on a company offer that you choose outside the showroom – nothing prevents you from making a purchase exactly where you previously intended.

If your purchase is very urgent and you want to complete it extremely quickly, you can also use other financing. A cash loan without BIK will probably be paid out faster, but may have slightly higher costs. The optimal solution for people who want to save, realize their dream of a safe vehicle and have had financial problems in the past is a car loan without BIK, BIG and KRD .