Keeping a hotel website up to date is essential for direct bookings: 4Hoteliers


“You have the traveler on one side and the hotel on the other; everything else is the online industry, ”Benchoufi said at the ITB convention in Berlin. “So you need to position your hotel in the market in the right way to ensure that the traveler books with your hotel.

According to Benchoufi, one in two travelers use meta-search to find a hotel. While many go to OTA, some use hotel aggregation sites like Trivago where customers are redirected for the actual booking. Staying on top of the latest technology can help hoteliers decide what updates are needed.

“Not all products are suitable for all hotels,” Benchoufi said. “You don’t have to follow all the trends. Find the right solution for your hotel, for your individual product in the industry. By 2025, you really need to position yourself online or you’ll lose bookings. “

In order to steal an online customer from a third-party booking site, Benchoufi says your site needs to be simple and trustworthy.

“When you have a booking engine on your hotel’s website, sometimes it isn’t as easy for the guest to access,” Benchoufi said. “If you have a booking agent on the website it could drive direct bookings, but it has to be presented in a really professional manner so that people trust your website. Sometimes there isn’t an easy fix, but it’s a process you need to keep up to date. covers ITB Berlin every year –

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