Lavish owner says he’s not trying to bring a second strip club to Dundas Place

The inner-city London businessman behind an application to amend an existing adult live entertainment lounge license says his intention was not to bring in a second club of Solid Gold style striptease at Dundas Place.

That’s the message restaurant owner Lavish Zoltan Harasty has for the downtown community since notices emerged of a request to transfer an existing adult live entertainment lounge license from an address. on Dundas Street East off Clarke Road in Lavish, which is located at 238 Dundas St., a short walk from Solid Gold.

Harasty was reluctant to speak to CBC News about the app, which he said aims to provide more entertainment options for its customers, who are largely made up of members of the LGTBQ community.

“Using this license will complement the business in a very positive way for the LGBTQ community,” he said. “It gives us so many more positive opportunities to enter the world of unique art and performance that will target the LGBTQ community.”

The request would move a license for a strip club that once operated from 2010 Dundas St. E., just east of Clarke Road. This place hasn’t operated as a strip club for three years and is currently a Travelodge hotel.

Harasty said he partnered with the license owner to transfer it to Lavish, but did not name the partner.

News of the app has raised concerns among some Dundas Place business owners, who fear it will bring a second strip club to what is meant to be a flagship destination for family-themed events.

However, Harasty says that is not his intention and that his candidacy – if it survives the review of staff and the city council – will allow him to offer more “adult-themed” entertainment to his customers.

Harasty did not specify exactly what new services the license change would allow it to offer. He said some clubs that cater to an LGBTQ clientele in other cities are able to offer burlesque-style performances, which he says would require him to have the adult entertainment license for the do it legally.

The city has received a request to amend an existing strip club license to move a former strip club on Dundas Street East to Dundas Place, directly across from this Solid Gold entrance. (Andrew Lupton/CBC)

“We are currently still doing market research, we are looking at other cities in North America to see what they are doing,” he said.

A sumptuous clientele “does not change”

Harasty said he wants to expand his entertainment offerings as he works to recover his business from shutdowns and capacity limits caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said Lavish will continue to operate as a safe and welcoming space for members of the LGTBQ community to gather and socialize.

“The company’s customer base doesn’t change,” he said.

The City of London has received an application to amend an adult live entertainment lounge license for this address: 2010 Dundas St. E., where a strip club formerly operated. The plaintiff wants the license changed to 238 Dundas St. near Clarence St. (Andrew Lupton/CBC)

He also said that any downtown business owners with questions about applying for a license are welcome to contact him.

The application to transfer the license to Lavish requires the city to seek public input before making a decision.

It will also be the subject of a public meeting of the City’s Community and Protective Services Committee, an advisory committee to London City Council. At this meeting, which has not yet been scheduled, members of the applicant and members of the public may make representations.

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