Online debate erupts over TikTok epic ‘Scotland is heaven’ as people say it’s ‘too perfect’

A Scottish TikTok account has been forced to defend a clip after it went viral – with people saying it’s ‘too perfect to be real’.

The Scotland Uncovered page recently posted the video which features stunning views of Buachaille Etive Mor, posing stags and even synchronized ducks flying high, on the popular social media site.

Greig McBride, 30, and his girlfriend Heather Lochhead, 27, who started the account, said the clip, which was taken from the parking lot of the Kingshouse Hotel in Glenc oe, shows “The Scotland is heaven on earth.”

However, they were quickly shocked to find that people thought they had faked the whole thing.

The jaw-dropping clip has been described as looking like something out of a “Disney movie”.

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Many comments began to question whether the clip was real, with one suggesting the film had been “played with somewhat”.

“We knew the clip was special,” Greig explained. “But we certainly didn’t expect the response he received.

“We thought it was kind of funny that people thought maybe it wasn’t real, but we can also see why because the video is so picturesque.

“Some people even said it was like a real Bob Ross painting.”

The TikTok has since had over a million views and has been shared on social media with people debating its authenticity.

Greig McBride and his girlfriend Heather Lochhead run the Scotland Uncovered page.
Greig McBride and his girlfriend Heather Lochhead run the Scotland Uncovered page.

The pair then posted a second, longer clip showing more of the beautiful scene, with deer swimming through the pool of water, in an attempt to help prove it hadn’t been improved or added to.

But people kept wondering if the video is 100% authentic.

Heather said: “It’s been weird having to defend it, but it’s such a perfect capture that we can understand why a lot of people think it might be a fake.

“Some people said it was like something straight out of a Disney movie.”

Greig added: “We take it more as a compliment to the perfection of the Scottish landscape.

“We weren’t voted the most beautiful country in the world for nothing.”

Although some people wanted to question it, many others just loved the clip.

A fan of the page joked, “There’s something seriously wrong with this video. If you look closely, you’ll see I’m not here.”

While another added: ‘People who haven’t been to Scotland are unlucky not to realize it’s actually real.’

The nature-loving couple have been running Scotland Uncovered for just under a year now and use it to share videos of incredible Scottish landscapes, landmarks and things to do across Scotland.

Besides Glencoe, Heather said the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides must be one of their favorite places in Scotland.

She said: “The incredible beaches and spectacular scenery might make you think you’re not even in Scotland anymore.”

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