Planning request for apartments and commercial development at Corrib Great Southern site expected in spring

The demolition of the old Corrib Southern Hotel is expected to be completed in a few weeks, and all remains of the iconic old building are expected to be in ruins by the end of the month.

It is believed that an urban planning application for a large apartment development and a point of sale for a discount sign on the ground floor of the site will be submitted to planning authorities in the coming months.

The apartments will offer excellent views over Galway Bay and the Burren Hills, while the outlet will be conveniently located to serve the thousands of students of the adjacent campus of Atlantic Technological University (ATU), formerly GMIT.

Demolition crews have been working on the site for several months, and the facade of what was once one of the city’s most glamorous event venues has been dismantled, with only the last main block left to be demolished.

Fianna Fáil adviser Alan Cheevers welcomed the ongoing demolition of Corrib Great Southern, which is now in the final stages, with the main part of the hotel being demolished this week.

“I think that not only the residents of the surrounding area, but the city as a whole will welcome the demolition which will finally come to an end.”

“The demolition process was expertly carried out by the Ardrahan Frank Higgins Demolition company as it had to be carefully demolished inside the buildings before the main structure was dealt with.

“I hope that the site will be totally cleaned up in the coming weeks and that we will soon see a full plan for the site by the owners in the near future,” he said.

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