Shock discovery of woman after moving abroad for online date

A woman spent months talking to a man she met online before deciding to travel halfway around the world for him – but she wished she hadn’t.

It’s the modern love story we hear repeated over and over again – a boy meets a girl online, they fall in love despite the distance between them before one of them ends up packing their lives so they can be together.

This is the situation TikTokker Hannah Ross found herself in when she decided to move halfway around the world to Singapore earlier this year, The sun reports.

In a viral video which has racked up more than 338,000 views, the UK-based personal trainer claimed she uprooted her life for a man she met online.

But soon after landing in Singapore, Hannah really wished she hadn’t.

The clip opens with her posing happily in front of the stunning view of the natural landscape from her hotel room before then jumping on another of her leaving with a packed suitcase.

She explained, “When you move to Singapore to meet the guy you’ve been talking to for months…he’s married.”

She then sarcastically captioned the video, “Good things come to those who wait!”

A stunned viewer replied, “WHAT IS IT?”

Another added: “Be best friends with women instead.”

A third replied: “Holy noodles, that’s a twist.”

Meanwhile, a fourth has suggested a way to get revenge.

They wrote: “Take screenshots of all your conversations and send them to his wife – this kind of guy doesn’t need second chances.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced with permission

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