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Digital media is quickly becoming synonymous with journalism in today’s world. Just a few decades ago, the Newsroom presented world and national news to commoners. However, the advent of the Internet has made it possible for anyone with gadgets such as computers and smartphones to report events occurring in their environment.

The internet platform shines a light on pure ‘grassroots’ journalism in front of readers eager to learn more about what is happening around them. The timeliness, reach and impact of journalism via the Internet has inspired many journalists to hang up their boots and pick up their laptops to do something for the nation. Media Inc is one such Telugu states media company, a business of restless journalists. The media company planned to launch as an all-inclusive digital platform that would connect all Telugu localities. At the same time, they keep up to date with what is happening within their regional boundaries and around the world.

A unique blend of news aggregation, hard-hitting investigative pieces and timely updates from the world of entertainment, politics, sports and technology, in broader terms, ensures that TeluguStop readers are not will ever have to leave the website to find out what’s going on in their world.

TeluguStop Media was conceptualized with a vision to meet the varied demands of Telugu readers by offering a wide variety of content. From covering hot topics on region, technology, crime, politics, world trends, sports, entertainment to sharing famous quotes, Telugu memes, inspirational videos and mysterious unknown facts. produces material that appeals to a wide range of local Telugu-speaking readers. has assembled a group of professional writers who are passionate about their work and dedicated to providing high quality media coverage seven days a week to achieve this goal.

The team that keeps the website and other channels operational is made up of seasoned journalists who have worked in some of the top Telugu language publications. But TeluguStop is not just about credentials: its team also includes talented writers who are just starting out but still know how to meet deadlines and maintain high standards.

‘As part of our mission to provide the best and most relevant Telugu News to our readers, we wanted to make sure we were targeting a niche market. We wanted to focus on our immediate community: Telugu speakers in India and the United States. Over 70 million people speak the language in India and over 6 million people in the United States alone. We wanted to go further and provide up-to-date news and other relevant information to this specific audience. Says Raghu Vadlamudi, who is the chief content editor at

The secret was knowing what this audience would be interested in. What was going on in their community? What were their interests? How could TeluguStop make them feel connected and engaged with what was happening around them? identified city-specific blogs as a hub for all kinds of information about what was happening in each city. It made sense that people in these areas would be interested in local news, especially since many Telugu people live abroad.

To provide readers with the best experience, TeluguStop has launched an app supported on Android and iOS devices. TeluguStop app uses location detection technology to filter news on a specific city. The app helps TeluguStop audience to get updated news about their towns or cities and national news related to Telugu communities all over the United States.

The media company has also extended its services to classified ads and property hunts. A branch of TeluguStop named Geo TeluguStop offers location-based services to users. Users can find nearby real estate, jobs, educational institutions, hotels, tourist sites, hospitals and doctors.

Founded in 2012, has grown tremendously over the years, thanks to its loyal fanbase and genuine interest in the Telugu language. has over 2.5 million followers on the Facebook page, making it one of the most popular news sites in India.TeluguStop has gained a massive presence on media platforms social with Facebook pages dedicated to topics such as తెలుగు విశేషాలు (TeluguVishayalu),తెలుగు రాజకీయాలు(JeluguRajakeyalu), తెలుగు NRI(Jelugu NRI News), TeluguTopTips, Telugu 24,, TeluguMovieBox, Cricket Stop, etc.

The immense popularity of this website has made it available in several countries around the world. Currently, Alexa ranks TeluguStop as one of the most popular online news platforms for the Telugu community present on the internet today.

Posted on February 16, 2022

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