UP government accepted reservation request for athlete – NewsGram

The government of Uttar Pradesh has accepted the long-standing demand to reserve for athletes holding positions in state government.

A proposal to this effect has been approved by the state cabinet.

Athletes can now be recruited directly from Group B positions, while a horizontal reservation of 2% of seats will also be granted.

In accordance with the decision, 24 Group B posts from various departments are removed from the remit of the Civil Service Commission. These places will be offered directly to athletes on the basis of their performance at international level and their participation in renowned sports competitions. The rules for this will be drawn up separately.

Likewise, for those who are not covered by the rules of group B, a reservation of 2% in the reserved categories will also be made in the positions of group C and the recruitment agency will establish the rules for this purpose.

Additionally, if an athlete in the system wins a medal, the government will allow out-of-round promotion, twice in the career for Group C employees and once for Group B rookies.

The cabinet also approved the UP Police Off-Turn Recruitment and Promotion Rules (Qualified Players), 2021 for the Out-of-Turn Recruitment and Promotion of Athletes into the Police. (ISNA / JB)

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