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Wagga’s accommodation companies have raised concerns over a proposed new hotel near the city’s CBD, saying it will create a glut of vacancies. The group behind the developer app said it was responding to market demand for more hotel rooms within walking distance of Baylis Street. Wagga Best Western and Ambassador Motor Inn owner Tony Neale told the Daily Advertiser that if the city’s hotel industry is not sustained over the long term, the resulting drop in standards will hurt tourist numbers. . “Under current market conditions, Wagga has too many hotels, which means too many beds and no annual occupancy rates high enough to justify more motels,” he said. “The visit is the whole pie and the more hotels you put in Wagga without increasing the number of visits, the smaller each slice of the pie for each hotel.” Mr Neale said online review sites and word of mouth on social media had a lot of influence on travel decisions and that if hotels were forced to cut costs it would damage the reputation of the city. On Monday, Wagga advisers will review a development application for a 42-room hotel at 81 Forsyth Street, a few yards from an intersection with Baylis Street. Mark Churcher, the development applicant for HTZ Investments, told the Daily Advertiser that the proposed hotel would be “good for Wagga” and CBD traders. “The way Wagga is developing and every sporting and touristy weekend business is developing in the area and they are crying out for housing,” he said. “This is intended to complement other CBD businesses; the hotel will not provide food and drink. economy. There are already 148 new hotel rooms expected in 2021 at a Holiday Inn development at The Mill. However, the Wagga center will also lose accommodations next month when the Wagga Beach Caravan Park lease expires to make way for the development. Riverside Council staff recommended approval of the Forsyth Street application despite raising “key issues” regarding vehicle access and the provision of required parking. The owner of the Wagga International Hotel, Basil Berrigan, whose nephew Joel Berrigan owns the Forsyth Street site and works internationally, said the new hotel The amenities had to follow town planning rules. “I think it’s a good location but the application could be improved. keys being able to enter and exit forward is one of the main requirements of the board as reversing is a danger to traffic. “While you are with us did you know that you can now Receive updates straight to your 6am Daily Announcer inbox? To make sure you’re up to date with all the Wagga news, sign up here.


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