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Larry Mogelonski | March 18, 2020

By Larry Mogelonsky, MBA, ing. (www.hotelmogel.com)

Can we change the culture of a hotel without change at the top? Think long and hard because it is very rare that the answer is a “yes”.

Instead, my hope is to present four potential pitfalls to avoid in order to offer some perspective on how these top management behaviors can reverberate to prevent your hotel culture from achieving maximum productivity. In many ways, it’s a process of elimination, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun in the process!

The general manager of numbers

These individuals base everything they do on data and focus on the details of what those numbers can infer. These days, it’s too easy to fall back on numbers as they can be directly quantified to project cost savings or potential revenue increases.

The first and most obvious step here is to look at the overall trends and what they mean in a broader sense rather than immediately exploring every tiny data point for correlations. In that sense, don’t react on a whim to what may or may not be revealed by these numbers. Hospitality is, and always will be, a people business.

The Budgeteer

Closely tied to the data-driven individual, everything for this hotelier is based on whether or not to hit the budget. All items need to be cropped, and there is always a cheaper way to accomplish a given task, such as changing vendors frequently or bidding against each other for the lowest price and replacing long-term staff with new ones. temporary labor.

While the cost reduction is commendable, a critical downside is that the customer experience suffers. In a people-focused business, growth depends on the relationships you build – those with your guests as well as those with your suppliers and your team. Don’t focus on the pennies; it will only drive you crazy, as they say. Instead, suppress operations that are working from your mind and focus on correcting one task at a time.

Stuffed and decent

Such an individual has his looks. That is, this person doesn’t like getting their hands dirty and has no real interest in the rest of the frontline team.

To correct this, start by eliminating the very thought that you are better or more deserving. The more you get to know and empathize with each employee, the more likely your team will be to perform at their best and present their ideas, which can help your organization stay ahead of the game.

The office master

As a team leader and manager, there will always be another reason to stay behind your desk with your office door closed. What tends to follow, however, is that we become overly structured and by the books, seeking textual advice in branded textbooks and unable to think independently.

The job of general manager in any hotel is not an office job. In fact, managing everything from your desktop is a surefire way to disconnect from your operations and all the other day-to-day happenings of your property. Eliminate the need to do it all yourself with delegation to help free up your schedule so you can walk around the hotel and give guests a little personal attention, which can end up solving problems. problems you never knew you had.

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