Woman caught with 20cm knife in Welsh hotel

A woman was found with an eight-inch knife in her possession at a Swansea city center hotel. On Saturday June 11 this year, two police officers were on foot patrol along Wind Street when at 1.21am they were asked to respond to calls from a ‘woman in distress’ at the Dragon Hotel along the Kingsway . Chloe Nadine Parry was on the phone with a call handler and said someone was following her. When officers arrived, they found her behind a reception desk “sweating profusely and shaking”. As one of the officers was talking to Parry, they could see that she had her hand in the pocket of a hoodie she was wearing. They asked her what she was holding and she told them it was a knife.

Swansea Crown Court heard how Parry was in a distressed state and told officers she had to be taken away ‘because there was a bounty on her head’. After initially hesitating to do so, she gave officers the knife, which measured eight inches. She was arrested and later interrogated and provided no comment. The 22-year-old homeless young woman has six convictions for 11 offenses on her record. She appeared at sentencing for admitting to possessing a knife in a public place.

Mitigating Andrew Evans said: “She was living in Bristol but made a mistake moving back to Swansea thinking her past would have no impact on her. There is a history with others and people who according to she, wanted to hurt her by having her arm herself as she did that day. She can see in the future that it is better not to be in Swansea and have a fresh start somewhere else. She appreciates that she is going to be in custody for the near future, but upon her release, she hopes to be able to make a valuable contribution to society.”

Parry sentenced to six months in prison Judge Paul Thomas QC described it as a “terribly sad case”. He added: “You arrived at the Dragon Hotel in Swansea in quite a shameful state. You were sweating, you were shaking, and you were paranoid and you had a bladed knife on you. You went back to Swansea, you came back to the drugs, and were in possession of a bladed item. This is a very unusual case because I was told that you want to go to jail and want to get sober again. Because that’s your wish, that’s what I will do. I sincerely hope that you release, get clean and at 22 start living the kind of life you are capable of. I wish you luck with that.”


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