Zoom Workspace Booking Feature Now Available

Zoom has announced that a workspace reservation feature is now available.

The latest addition to the Zoom platform offers the ability to pre-book office workspaces, see who else is planning to come in, and get recommendations on where to sit.

Beta customers even used Workspace Reservation to reserve a parking spot in advance.

For hybrid teams, Workspace Reservation allows users to choose when and how long to reserve the space – it can be for a few hours or a day. Spaces can also be booked on demand, from a kiosk at the front desk, from a scheduling panel outside of a Zoom Room, or directly from a workspace.

System admins can easily upload custom maps and office locations directly from the admin portal, can add printable QR codes to workspaces to enable on-the-fly booking, and use data collected by Workspace Reservation to Learn more about how teams use workspaces, then plan and build a more efficient space.

Jeff Smith, Group Product Manager and Head of Zoom Rooms and Whiteboard, commented, “Workspace Booking extends Zoom’s already robust hybrid work offerings and helps employees access the tools they need to do their best on a given day.

For more information visit: https://blog.zoom.us/workspace-reservation/

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